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24th November 2017 
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Welcome to Babies made Easy,
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Good Night - Sleep Tight - All Night

My name is Vicky and I would like to Welcome you to Babies made Easy in Central London. I am here to help out all you mums who are finding it hard to adjust to an extra little person in the house. Don't be surprised it is amazing that something so little can turn your world upside down in no time at all. Lack of sleep, not knowing why your baby is crying, why your baby never seems to sleep and not knowing what to do next. All this is OK and not unusual in a baby, also it doesn't mean that you are doing something wrong. It's all part of the process of getting to know your baby, finding out what your baby really wants from you. Whether it's feeding, a clean nappy or just a hug from you. Remember every baby is unique, just as you are

No need to be SUPER MUM- if you don't manage to get dressed before mid-day, who cares the baby wont

Sleep when your baby sleeps 10 minutes can make a huge difference

I believe there should be no routine in the first 4 weeks, this is the time for you and your family to adjust to having a baby in the home

At 4 weeks it will be possible to start getting your baby into a routine, 10-12 weeks later a baby that will sleep through the night

Black out Blinds - definitely not necessary. Babies sleep in all environments light/dark quiet/noisy

Babies have no concept of night/day initially, as time goes on you help them differentiate between the two

If your baby sleeps all day it doesn't mean that its going to be awake all night. My motto is sleep induces sleep

Some babies seem to sleep more than others thats also OK. I would never wake a sleeping baby unless it is time for a feed

Babies need to adjust to being in the outside world just as much as you need to adjust to having a baby. Just think they have spent the last 9 months cocooned in YOUR tummy, and suddenly they have all this space around them. How would you feel in the same circumstances?

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